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automated insect monitoring network

Hectar Biological Pest Management

HECTAR is on a mission to promote the use of beneficial insects as the main method of crop protection for open field agriculture. 

Our wireless sensor network monitors insect pest populations throughout your farm. Giving you clear information to make the crop protection best decisions. 

Hectar Biological Pest Management

Biological pest management

HECTAR allows control over plant protection product volume and labour costs required for biological control pest management. 

Our wireless sensor network monitors insect pests throughout the field to enable more reliable insect population data. 

We enable farmers to shift to using beneficial insects as their primary method of crop protection. 

Shifting the balance away from relying on the blanket use of pharmaceuticals. 

Biological crop protection trials for British farmers

We are currently interested in piloting with British farmers who use biological pest control for open field agriculture. 

To find out more contact us at fw1520 at ic.ac.uk 

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